Japanese Lego Pro Makes Functional ‘Machine Gun’ on Twitter

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A Japanese netizen amazed thousands on Twitter after showing off a functional toy machine gun he built using Lego blocks.

Twitter user @zuzuruniyaniya demonstrated his Lego masterpiece he dubbed the “Brick Shooter” in a video he uploaded two weeks ago.


“Finally! I finished it! I completed a fully working automatic machine gun made with Lego bricks! I’m really pleased with myself, so please watch the video of it in action!” the skillful Lego builder wrote in Japanese.

In the short clip, zuzuruniyaniya is shown attaching an “ammunition belt” loaded with plastic brick bullets into the Lego gun.


“The elastic bands are wound tight around the small Lego bullets and secured to the belt. The action of being dragged through is what causes the shots to fire!” zuzuruniyaniya noted in a separate post.

When the user fired through the whole clip, the gun even produced a satisfying buzzing sound similar to an actual machine gun, albeit a much lower volume.


Zuzuruniyaniya also posted another video in which he provided his audience a better view of his plastic ammunition belt’s inner workings, demonstrating how the elastic bands make shooting the bullets possible.


”Here’s how the mechanism works on that thing I posted before. I know from spending time in the past watching other creators’ Lego videos that there are parts of building a Lego gun that are really tough to understand, and also tough to explain. I’d like it if as many people as possible could understand this process, so don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions!” he wrote.


Zuzuruniyaniya, who revealed that he learned many of his techniques from watching other Lego enthusiasts online, has offered help to others who want to create something similar as well.


According to Soranews24, the talented Lego builder has been sharing tips and techniques to his followers and commenters who posted relevant questions.

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