Japan Just Created the Most American Frappuccino Of All Time

Japan Just Created the Most American Frappuccino Of All Time
Khier Casino
By Khier Casino
April 5, 2017
Who needs a fork to dig into a piece of pie when you can drink it out of a Starbucks cup?
Starbucks Japan is taking its Frappuccino lineup to the next level by adding American cherry pie to its menu, swapping the dome-shaped lid with an actual pie crust.
Starting April 13, customers will be able to taste the fresh whipped cream, followed by a vanilla-flavored base filled with bite-sized pie pieces sandwiched in between a top and bottom layer of cherry compote all in one cup, according to RocketNews24.
What you get is the experience of eating a traditional American cherry pie with ice cream on the side.
And just in time for the summer, Starbucks also announced the Classic Tea Cream Frappuccino, which contains a mix of Earl Grey, Ceylon and Malawi teas, topped with whipped cream and a honey sauce, along with honey sugar pieces sprinkled in to give it a richer flavor.
According to Starbucks Japan’s website, the Classic Tea Cream Frappuccino will be available from April 13 to August 8 at Starbucks locations across Japan for 570 yen ($5.15), while the American Cherry Pie Frappuccino will be available from April 13 to May 16 for 640 yen ($5.79).
This isn’t the first time the country has taken a bold move when it comes to food and beverages.
Back in February, Japan released limited edition Kit Kat sushi in Tokyo’s Ginza district, with three flavors including “Uni” (sea urchin), “Maguro” (tuna), and “Tamago” (egg).
However, the “sea urchin” is actually made out of mascarpone-cheese and Hokkaido melon, while the “egg” is pumpkin-pudding flavored, and the “tuna” is raspberry flavored that sits above white chocolate rice puffs.
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