Hilarious Japanese Ice Skating Fail is Pretty Much Everyone’s 2017

These two Japanese teenagers, Madoka Takayama, and her friend, Kyoka Tanaka, just created the best viral video to sum up everyone’s life so far in 2017.

The clip, posted on Twitter on December 9, shows 37 seconds of pure hilarity as Madoka tries really hard to stand up on an ice skating rink while Kyoka films everything for the internet to enjoy.

I took the video because Madoka told me she hadn’t ice-skated in four years, and I wanted to see how much she had improved,” Kyoka told BuzzFeed News.

Madoka said she’s not afraid of anything,” her friend continued, adding that she was “a quick learner and got the hang of it quickly.

The epic fail viral video has been seen over 10 million times with over 315,000 likes and 128,000 retweets. According to BuzzFeed, it even broke the social media platform’s wall and crossed over Chinese social media site, Weibo, China’s own version of Twitter.

Many people found the video relatable. It attracted many comments from English-speaking Twitter user who compared the video to how their life is going for 2017, their school life or even how they will welcome 2018. Here are some of the comments that social media user posted:

Luckily Madoka was not hurt when she fell several times. Both girls were happy that their video cheered people up online, BuzzFeed reported.

Featured image via Twitter / @ruu__2331

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