Traveler in Japan Gets Ridiculously Spacious Room After Last-Minute Hotel Booking

A Japanese executive recently found himself staying in a excessively spacious room after booking a hotel accommodation at the last minute.

Daichi Tsukamoto, the CEO of virtual YouTuber agency DUO, delighted netizens after sharing his unusual room that he described to “be a bit big.”

Tsukamoto, who is based in Nagoya, reportedly needed a place to stay while traveling through Osaka, so he called some establishments around the area.

“I was traveling to Osaka and realized at the last moment that I’d forgotten to book a hotel. I called hotel after hotel, but they were all full on the Saturday night I needed a room.” he narrated in a tweet.

After making numerous calls, he eventually found a place that could accommodate him. However, while he was told that it might be big for one customer, he was not informed about its unorthodox room dimensions.

“One lone hotel gave me this answer: “We have one Japanese-style room available, though it may prove to be a little spacious for the needs of one customer on their own.”

Tsukamoto also shared an image of the room that is apparently intended for a large group of people. The area was even made more comically oversized due to the lone small futon the room came furnished with.

It did not take long before netizens poked fun at Tsukamoto’s large, bare room, Soranews24 reports.

“You know, back in elementary and junior high school, we had a name for a big room with no dividing walls or doors, with that exact brand of tile flooring,” one commenter wrote. “We called it a multi-purpose hall. You stayed in a multi-purpose hall.”

“Sure, ‘a little’ spacious,” another quipped.

“This photo just makes me feel like I was the first one to hear the evacuation order and got into the emergency hall first…” shared one netizen.

“It’s just a conference room!” pointed out another user.

Meanwhile, one Twitter user also pointed out that the room was reminiscent of unrealistic indoor perspectives in the anime “Yu-Gi-Oh.”

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