Japanese company will pay Tokyo pedestrians to wear their backpack while walking

  • A Japanese company is paying people up to 1,200 yen (around $9) an hour to display advertisements while walking around Tokyo.
  • Walkers will carry a special backpack that includes a clear pocket for an iPad which will be used to display the advertisements through an app.
  • The company will only be paying individuals who stay within 804 kilometers (500 miles) from the statue of Hachiko in Tokyo’s downtown Shibuya district.
  • Participants will be required to pause the advertisements when entering private properties, including convenience stores and department stores.

A Japanese company is offering to pay individuals to walk around Tokyo as walking advertisements.

Those participating in the opportunity will be required to download an app called Stchar and wear a unique Stchar backpack that includes a clear pocket. Participants will place an iPad into the backpack’s pocket to display advertisements through the app while walking around Tokyo.

To earn money, Wanna Technologies requires that individuals stay within a 804 kilometer (500 miles) radius from the statue of Hachiko located in downtown Tokyo’s Shibuya district. The company is planning to expand the radius in the future. Walkers will also be required to pause their advertisements when entering a private establishment, such as convenience stores and department stores. 

The Stchar backpacks can be purchased for free on the Stchar website during their launch event; however, they are currently out of stock at the time of this writing. The company is expected to be restocking the backpacks sometime in the future and plan to hold an event where the backpacks and iPads can be rented for free. 

The service will be launching on June 4, and participants will be paid through the digital wallet platform Kyash. Stchar will also be regularly updating their Google Map to display available working areas.


Feature image via Pexels

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