Genius Japanese Lifehack Will Change How You Use a Bandage Forever

Genius Japanese Lifehack Will Change How You Use a Bandage Forever
Ryan General
By Ryan General
February 6, 2017
For an invention that has been around for almost a century, nothing much has been changed about the bandage, especially on how it is made and used.
A Japanese Twitter user, however, is going to change the way people use popular adhesive bandages.
In his tweet, that has since been widely retweeted and shared on various social media platforms, netizen @ponzuyo shows a much better method of using bandages from what we have been accustomed to.
The post, which has a simple step by step illustration on how to make bandages more securely plastered on a finger wound, has so far racked up over 88,000 retweets since it was tweeted.
The helpful instruction posted by @ponzuyo simply shows how to cut two sides of the sticky part of a bandage allowing it to have a way to wrap them around the finger. The mini bandage can then be tucked securely in the shape of an X.
The simple yet nifty method makes sure the bandage won’t easily fall off. As it is more tightly wrapped and the wound is even more protected from dirt.
According to RocketNews24, Japanese Twitter users have lauded @ponzuyo for his helpful post.
“This is a game-changer.”
“Dude, get on this now and start mass-producing them.”
“I’m a nurse and I do this sometimes! The band-aids never fall off.”
Interestingly,@ponzuyo’s method has inspired another Japanese netizen, Youtube user Benri LifeHack to create his more elaborate version which features even more useful Band-Aid hacks.
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