Someone in Japan Designed a Gaming Toilet and It’s EPIC

gaming toilet

It’s no secret that toilets elsewhere on the planet are nothing compared to those in Japan, and with one local illustrator’s next-level vision, it’s safe to say that there’s really no competition.

Behold this epic design of a gaming toilet from Japanese Twitter user @peter6409:

While @peter6409 did not give much detail about his illustration, true-blue gamers will find everything about it pretty intuitive. For starters, lifting the lid illuminates the bowl, giving a futuristic feel to what’s about to go down.

The blue ergonomic pads set against the black seat do not only showcase the high-contrast color scheme common in gaming PCs and consoles, but their rugged, angular shapes also appear capable of keeping one’s buttocks in place, especially if they’re high-quality rubber.

Image via Twitter / @peter6409

Around the tank, a user can find various hardware, including a Glacier White PlayStation 4 installed right at the front. Following its charging cord, it appears the controller must be hooked on the right side, while a headphone set hangs comfortably on the left.

Finally, a Wi-Fi router peeks from the back, ensuring that the user never goes offline.

Image via Twitter / @peter6409

Needless to say, the only thing missing is a majestic monitor, which should be conveniently set right in front of the bowl.

Twitter users are stoked about @peter6409’s design:

“When can I pre-order?”

“Are you ready to take ’em poop selfies to the next level?”

“All I need to do is bring food and I could stay there all day.”

“Sweet, I can now take a sh*t while playing video games lol.”

“I think I can tell what this one says without translation, I love the gamer toilet.”

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