Japan Fully Repairs Massive Sinkhole in Fukuoka in Just 48 Hours

It took the city of Fukuoka, Japan just 48 hours to repair the 30-meter sinkhole that opened up in its center on Tuesday last week.
When the ground caved in, electricity was temporarily cut off in the area. While there were no cases of injuries reported, phone signals, gas and even water supplies were disrupted near the vicinity. 
The sinkhole, which appeared at a road section near a busy railway station, was reportedly caused by construction work to an underground line extension. With the crater measuring around 30 meters by 27 meters and about 15 meters deep, workers needed 6,200 cubic meters of sand and cement to fill the hole.
Impressively, Japanese construction workers were able to finish filling up the section of road in just two days, The Guardian reported. Repairs were made to a sewage pipe, traffic lights and utility poles that were swallowed when the road caved. The reopening took a slight delay however due to some necessary health and safety checks.
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On Tuesday morning, a week after the incident, the road officially welcomed traffic and pedestrians again after authorities deemed the road safe.
Fukuoka Mayor Soichiro Takashima stated that the repaired road is now 30 times stronger than before. Netizens praised the workers who worked on the hole via social media.
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