Japan is Giving Out Free ‘Sailor Moon’ Condoms for STI Awareness

sailor moon

The Japanese government and its partners have started giving away free Sailor Moon-themed condoms.

Japan’s Ministry of Health — in partnership with Labour and Welfare, HIV-awareness organization Act Against AIDS and Okamoto Loverslab, a division of Japanese condom maker Okamoto Condoms — is giving away free condoms as part of its movement to raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases as well as promote the importance of HIV testing, according to the “Sailor Moon” official website via SoraNews24.

The Japanese government and its partners have started giving away free “Sailor Moon”-themed condoms.
official “Sailor Moon” Website via SoraNews24

The contraceptives come in heart-shaped packaging with a picture of a chibi or a small version of Sailor Moon doing her peace sign pose made by the series creator and artist Naoko Takeuchi.

There are two separate events where the government will give away the condoms. The first event took place on October 5 at the Mark Is Fukuoka Momochi shopping complex in Fukuoka.

Its second event will take place on October 14 at the Alice Garden event space in downtown Hiroshima from noon to 4 p.m.

Featured Image official “Sailor Moon” website via SoraNews24

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