‘Delusion Curry’ Allows Lonely Guys in Japan to Eat With a Fake Girlfriend

Lonely bachelors in Japan no longer have to eat curry dinners by themselves anymore. A novelty bookstore, Village Vanguard, now offers their customers a tasty instant Japanese curry meal along with a DVD of a sexy female model who will act as their girlfriend while they are chowing down.

Curry appears to be the popular meal of choice that Japanese men want their significant others to cook for them, according to Rocketnews24. The curry and girlfriend bundle, titled “Men’s Delusion Curry-Orange Flavor,” features model Mao Harada.

The 27-year-old model, known by her nickname “Haradan,” is from Ehime Prefecture, an area of Japan known for growing mandarin oranges.

The DVD is organized into three chapters that include “The Younger Girlfriend,” “The Older Girl Who Lives Next Door and is Sort of Risque,” and “Haradan Made a Home-Cooked Meal.”

The bundled package includes a 200-gram (7.1 ounce) serving of instant orange curry.

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