Japan’s #1 Cosplayer Attracts Giant Crowds at Record-Setting Summer Comiket 2019


Enako, who is known as Japan’s top cosplayer, returned to this year’s Summer Comiket event and attracted a jaw-dropping sized crowd to take pictures of her.

Summer Comiket 2019 attracted around 730,000 attendees, breaking the previous record of 590,000 at 2013’s event, according to Crunchyroll.

The 25-year-old cosplayer, who makes one million yen ($9,481) a month through cosplay, attended the third day of the four-day Summer Comiket event on August 11 dressed as the character Rem from the anime “Re:Zero,” SoraNews24 reported.

Similarly to last year’s event, a crowd quickly gathered outside as she posed for photographers.

Even though the model stood quite a distance from her fans, photographers were well prepared for the occasion. Equipped with long-lens cameras, the photographers focused on Enako and took shots as if she were up close.

After the event, Enako took to her official Twitter page to thank her fans.

“I took part in the third day of Summer Comiket in REM (Re:Zero) cosplay! To everyone who took photos of me while it was hot, thank you very much!” the model wrote.

Her tweet garnered over 158,000 likes and 38,000 retweets.

Featured Image via Twitter / enako_cos

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