Japan’s #1 Cosplayer Reveals The Insane Amount of Money She Made After ONE Day at Comiket

Enako, known as “Japan’s #1 cosplayer,” disclosed the staggering amount she earned from this year’s summer Comiket.

The event, held between Aug. 9 and 12, saw Enako promoting corporate projects, selling her merchandise and drawing massive crowds to an open photoshoot.

Image via Twitter / @dayonesoudayone

In an interview on variety show “Ariyoshi Japon,” Enako revealed that the recent event brought her the longest line of merch buyers yet — more than 500 at a time.

Image via Twitter / @enako_cos

Clearly, that figure translated to whopping sales.

“I’d say somewhere around 10 million yen ($90,100),” Enako shared about her sales in a single day.

Image via Twitter / @enako_cos

Needless to say, that amount excludes the cosplayer’s earnings from her appearances in corporate booths.

Image via Twitter / @enako_cos

But considering the fact that Comiket — or Comic Market — has always been a major avenue for Japan’s cosplay business, Enako’s gains may not be very surprising.

Image via Twitter / @enako_cos

Longtime fans would also know that the cosplayer made roughly the same amount in December doing similar activities.

Image via Twitter / @enako_cos

Priced up to 3,100 yen ($28), Enako’s merch — sets of photo collections — sold out at the event, but they remain available for purchase through her online shop.

Check out some sample shots:

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