Japan Celebrates Star Wars’ 40th Anniversary With a $1.4 Million Darth Vader Mask

Wealthy Star Wars fans with some cash to burn may want to head out to Japan next week because a Japanese jeweler is marking Star Wars’ 40th anniversary with something really special.

The event, hosted by renowned jeweler Ginza Tanaka, commissioned a solid gold replica of the mask of Darth Vader, the most iconic villain in cinematic history, AFP reports.

Unveiled on Tuesday, the 15 kg (33 lb) golden mask will go on sale in Japan on May 4 — a date recognizable to Star Wars fandom as it references the franchise’s most famous lines: “May the Force be with you”.

One wealthy Star Wars fan may take home the unique item for a cool $1.4 million.

For those fans who are a little short on cash, the jeweler also prepared some “cheaper” alternatives. Gold coins specially designed for the anniversary will also be available on the same day for between $1,200 to $11,000 .

The Star Wars anniversary celebration coincides with Ginza Tanaka’s own anniversary. The jeweler, which is celebrating its 125th year in the business, has created other gold commemorative items in the past. Last year, Ginza Tanaka created a 6.6 feet tall golden Christmas tree worth $1.8 million to “cheer up shoppers” from “Brexit gloom.”

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