Japanese Train Driver Caught Relaxing For 10 Seconds — Outrage Ensues

A Japanese bullet train driver drew flak from the public after he was caught putting his feet up during one of his Tokyo-to-Osaka trips on Tuesday. 
The Japanese railway agency Central Japan Railway, however confirmed that while the 29-year-old driver admitted to operating the high speed train in a relaxing position for 10 seconds, the 320 passengers on board were never put in harm’s way, Agence France-Presse reported.
“Shinkansen are equipped with an automatic control system that manages speed and the distance between trains,” a spokesman for the agency was quoted as saying. 
The bullet train operator also released a statement condemning the driver’s actions as “extremely inappropriate” and expressed that they will be enforcing a “strict” response for the behavior. The impending punishment was not specified.
Netizens’ reactions toward the Japanese bullet train driver were mixed after a photo of him chilling with his both feet up emerged online on Thursday. Some blamed the driver for disregarding the safety of his passengers, while others questioned why the photo was even circulated online in the first place.
Japan’s bullet train systems have been known for their safety and efficiency and has become a symbol of the country’s technological capability. The Shinkansen network has remained to have a flawless safety record, without involvement in any crash nor causing a single fatality since its inauguration in 1964.
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