Japanese Man A‌tta‌‌cke‌d by a Wild Boar on His Way to Work

Japanese Man A‌tta‌‌cke‌d by a Wild Boar on His Way to WorkJapanese Man A‌tta‌‌cke‌d by a Wild Boar on His Way to Work
A Japanese man’s morning commute took an unexpected turn after he was at‌t‌ac‌ke‌d by a wild boar on his way to the local train station.
The shocking encounter involving an unnamed 48-year-old man walking to Imajuku Station in Kyushu Island was captured on film and posted online by Twitter user @Koki915N.
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According to Soranews24, the train station is near a mountainous region and it is believed the boar became lost and accidentally ended up in the residential area.
In the footage filmed on October 26 at around 7 a.m., the boar is shown running into a ‌‌dea‌d-end area surrounded by a fence before turning back to the direction it came from.
The apparently frightened animal then came dashing out of the alleyway and into the path of the unfortunate commuter. After ramming into the man’s knees, the boar went after his briefcase. The man also got b‌it and pu‌nct ured with its tusks.
Fortunately for the man, two nearby drivers were able to scare the animal away by honking their horns. He was then sent to a ho‌spi‌tal where he was treated for a 2.8-inch long wound on his left thigh which required a total of 13 stitches.
Meanwhile, the boar, which was later spotted about one kilometer from the station, was ki‌lle‌d by local hunters. 
While they rarely at‌t‌ack‌ humans, thre‌ate‌ned or disoriented boars do tend to act h‌os‌tile against a human who ends up crossing its path.
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