Japan Blasted With Epic Storm and Gigantic Hailstones

Japan Blasted With Epic Storm and Gigantic HailstonesJapan Blasted With Epic Storm and Gigantic Hailstones
A frightening storm engulfed Japan in hail stones that are big enough to shatter a street lamp. Japan has recently been the target of freak weather which happened with no warning at all.
According to SoraNews24, the latest incident occurred on July 18, when numerous accounts of the dreaded hailstorm started spreading. It is reported that the winds were strong enough to even topple signboards.

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Furthermore, the spiky hail particles were so big that a street lamp was even shattered on impact. Some videos of the incident captured the shocking effects of the occurring hailstorm which almost sounded like one roof was taking heavy machine gun fire.
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The aftermath only left the streets of Japan littered with thousands of hail stones but with no major civilian injuries. Despite the storm being reported as more furious particularly in the Ikebukuro area, there have been no reports of casualties.
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Once evening has arrived, Japan’s skies were clear once again as the furious storm seems to have passed on. However, such scary occurrences aren’t that uncommon in Japan.
Hailstorms carrying freakishly large hail stones have happened in Japan numerous times already. As a matter of fact, locals even came up with the term “guerrilla downpour” in describing the sudden occurrence of bizarre weather due to its frequency.
According to NHK, a similar occurrence hit the land of the rising sun not too long ago. On June 24, a similar torrent of hailstones poured over Tokyo’s Mitaka city. The strong hailstorm poured on for about 30 minutes. Just like the most recent incident, this freak weather also occurred some time in the afternoon.
Officials have attributed the cause of the storm to humid air being coupled with cold air mass. The combination of these gasses then create cumulonimbus clouds. These clouds create an unstable atmospheric condition which in turn generates powerful hailstorms.
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