Japan Has a Bizarre New Way to Help You Relax

Japan Has a Bizarre New Way to Help You Relax
Carl Samson
December 20, 2016
There’s nothing like the sense of security provided by a mother’s womb, right?
Well, maybe there is — in Japan.
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“Otona maki,” which translates to “adult wrapping,” was recently introduced on Japanese TV.
Apparently, the practice is believed to help the body relax by wrapping it tightly in what looks like a large sheet made of a breathable cloth, Viennajuku said.
Image: cinefuk
With its orientation in the fetal position, otona maki provides the feeling of returning to the womb, mimicking the sense of security we all surely miss.
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It is also said to help make one more flexible.
Image: cinefuk
Quite obviously, this practice is not for the claustrophobic. People are wrapped for at least 15 minutes, and we can only imagine how folks scared of tight spaces would fare that long.
In these sessions, a health care professional is on standby to ensure the safety of those getting wrapped.
Photo by cinefuk
Interestingly, those who have tried otona maki claimed they indeed felt relaxed and even sleepy, Kotaku reported.
Would you try otona maki?
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