Japan Has a Live Concert of Adult Film Actresses Farting on Stage

Japan Has a Live Concert of Adult Film Actresses Farting on StageJapan Has a Live Concert of Adult Film Actresses Farting on Stage
Japan is gearing up to hold a bizarre live concert in Tokyo featuring numerous adult film actresses who will be farting on stage.
The quirky concert is called “Let’s All Hear Beautiful Girls Farts Together” and will be held at Shinjuku’s Lefkada theater.
What’s even more strange is that event organizers are aiming for “Japan’s 120 million fart fans,” according to SoraNews24. The unusual live fart concert will feature various adult film stars such as Miu Akemi, Meru Iroha and Reno Aihara.
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Those brave enough to be willing participants of the live concert can purchase a ticket for 3,000 yen ($26.58) each, but they must first buy a drink which costs 500 yen ($4) before entering. The fart fest begins on October 21 and while the venue will be accepting patrons by 6 p.m.,  the farting performance itself starts from 6:30 p.m.
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Event promoters even boasted that concert-goers will be treated to “various styles of farts.” Performers will be farting while wearing a variety of costumes, including swimsuits, street clothes and even cosplay garbs.
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If that’s not enough to garner the curiosity of daring concert-goers, the promoters promise that the performance is sure to “stimulate your sense of sight and smell.”
Japan’s live concert might not be as odd as it seems considering that they’ve already featured a walking butt detective as a character in a children’s book, according to MailOnline.
Now that Japan has provided the proper venue for people to bask in the whispers of nature, it’s likely that instances of farting in public places would drastically reduce. It’s still ill-advised for citizens to fart in places such as operation tables, since it does lead to some serious consequences.
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