You Can Now Buy Scary Realistic Anime Girl Masks from Japan

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Becoming an anime character without any expertise in cosplay has just gotten easier with these new anime masks from Japan. 

According to Soranews24, Japanese firm Muni Muni Works created the unisex masks to allow anyone to “look good” with “girlish outfits” regardless of one’s appearance or gender. 

Muni Muni Works says the masks are designed to “help you feel less embarrassed about your clothing choices.”

There are many options, as Muni Muni offers a variety of faces to choose from. They suggest that groups can even do a group cosplay with each member dressing as a specific anime character. 

Princess models, which cost 18,144 yen ($168), are designed to have eyes that are closer in size to those of humans.

Meanwhile, Idol models, priced at 20,304 yen ($187), are designed with dynamically stylized features, highlighted by sparkling eyes and colorful hair.

There is also the Kawaii line which sells for 19,440 yen apiece. 

The doll’s hair strands are 50% thicker than regular hairpieces to give them better bounce and glow while the masks are made of soft vinyl, which makes it easy to apply and remove cosmetics. Meanwhile, the lenses used for the eyes provide a wide field of vision for the wearer. 



Muni Muni doll masks can be ordered through novelty goods specialty shop Village Vanguard’s online store.

Featured image via PR Times

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