American Airports Need to Learn How Japan Treats Passenger’s Luggage

japan airport luggage

Netizens from around the globe are praising these Japanese airport baggage handlers after a video showing them being extremely careful in handling other people’s belongings as they meticulously unload the baggage from the plane onto a truck goes viral.

The clip, which was posted online by Facebook user Nihongo Wakaranai, shows the two baggage employees meticulously arranging the bags and luggage that come out from the plane before being transported to the airport baggage terminal, according to AsiaOne.

The 3-minute video clearly shows how these airport employees really take pride in their job as they respect other people’s property and handle them with care. Even the one who posted the clip made a joke that they take care of the bags better than the owners.

Caught on film at the airport in Japan shows how the Japanese really treat your suitcase…….. often better than yourself,” the Facebook user wrote in the description.

Over 17,000 people reacted to the viral video with 48,000 shares and more than 2.2 million views since it was first posted on the social media platform on February 1.

Here are some of the comments that netizens left in the thread:

One of the comments in the thread even shared an experience he had with how professional Japanese people are when it comes to their line of work:

This is not entirely surprising anymore considering the fact that in Japan, they even teach their kids who are still in elementary school proper manners through guidelines, which some call “Behavior Rules.”

Featured image screenshot via Facebook / Nihongo Wakaranai

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