Japan Airlines to Stop Using ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ to Be More Gender-Inclusive

Japan Airlines to Stop Using ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ to Be More Gender-Inclusive

September 30, 2020
Japan Airlines (JAL) will now address all its passengers with gender-inclusive alternatives to replace the customary “ladies and gentlemen” on its flights.
A positive step forward: Starting on Oct. 1, the airline will be using phrases like “attention all passengers” and “welcome, everyone” at airports worldwide to promote the inclusiveness of all genders, CNN Travel reported.
  • According to JAL publicist Yutaro Iwasaki, the company is initiating the change to “treat everyone (the same) regardless of gender.”
  • Iwasaki said that the company has been promoting diversity since 2014.
  • Back in March, the airline announced that female flight attendants can choose to wear trousers instead of skirts so they can be more comfortable.
  • JAL Express, a subsidiary of the airline, also hired Japan’s first-ever female commercial air pilot last year.
  • After getting her pilot’s license in the United States, Ari Fuji returned to Japan following her acceptance to JAL’s pilot training program. 
  • Other international carriers have undertaken similar initiatives to promote inclusivity, with Air Canada replacing “ladies and gentlemen” with “everybody” and Australia’s Qantas refraining from using gender-specific terms. 
LGBTQ support: In recent years, Japan has seen a continued push for LGBTQ rights, with a growing number of people seeking support for same-sex marriage, reports the New York Times
  • In December, an online survey found that one out of ten people in Japan identify as LGBTQ or another sexual minority.
  • Other findings revealed that 78% of LGBTQ people or sexual minorities in Japan have not told anyone about their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Members of the Japanese LGBTQ and sexual minority communities have sought greater efforts from companies and governments to make a better environment for them, reports Japan Times.
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