Japanese Woman Crowned the World’s Best Air Guitarist at Championships in Finland

Japanese Woman Crowned the World’s Best Air Guitarist at Championships in Finland

September 4, 2018
A female Japanese performer has ousted a two-time reigning world champion to become the world’s best air guitarist.
Nanami Nagura (名倉七海), aka “Seven Seas,” delivered and triumphed at the grand final of the 23rd annual Air Guitar World Championships in Oulu, Finland on Aug. 24.
The 23-year-old “minor celebrity” defeated reigning champion Matt “Airistotle” Burns of the United States to become the new world champion, according to SoraNews24.
During the tilt, the judges based the contestant’s talent on categories of technical merit, “mimes-manship,” stage presence, and “airness” using a scale of 4.0-6.0.
During the first round, Nagura chose to perform to a one-minute music clip loosely inspired by Cinderella.
In the second round, a different one-minute clip is used by all contestants, and featured a 2000 single by Swedish rock band Hellacopters called “Hopeless Case of a Kid in Denial.”
Except for basic props, competitors were not allowed to use any real musical instruments or crew members.
It was the second world championship win for Nagura, who also won the World Championships in 2014. Check out her 2014 performance below:
Nagura was also this year’s champion at the Japanese national competition hosted by the Air Guitar Japan Association.
Her prizes for winning the event include a Flying Finn electric guitar, an actual instrument that she can use if she decides to transition into something more tangible.
Japanese netizens were amused by Nagura’s win, with some being surprised by the existence of the competition itself.
“What a championship of madness!” one commenter wrote.
“I wonder what it’s like for people who really play guitar to watch them,” another mused.
“That was way more intense than I was expecting,” an impressed netizen chimed in.
“Air Guitar Japan Association’…sounds like the kind of secret organization that would control the government.” wrote another.
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