TV Star Who Suffered Miscarriage During Filming Had to Pull Fetus Out and Flush It Down the Toilet

TV Star Who Suffered Miscarriage During Filming Had to Pull Fetus Out and Flush It Down the ToiletTV Star Who Suffered Miscarriage During Filming Had to Pull Fetus Out and Flush It Down the Toilet
Ryan General
August 19, 2019
Taiwanese American television star Janet Hsieh made a shocking revelation during an event earlier this month when she was asked by reporters about the possibility of having a second child. 
Speaking at an event in Taiwan on August 8, the 39-year-old celebrity revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage in May, AsiaOne reports. 
Hsieh, who has a two-year-old son with actor George Young, shared that she was filming a TV show when the fetus exited her body. Enduring immense pain, she had to pull the fetus out and flush it down the toilet.
According to Hsieh, she was two months into her second pregnancy when she learned that her fetus did not have a heartbeat. It was her doctor’s advice to let the fetus out naturally.
“After confirming that I was pregnant, I got my mum to accompany me for a check-up, intending to surprise her. I didn’t expect that she would go from feeling like heaven to hell,” she shared in a later interview with ETtoday.
“My mum always hoped that I would have another child. I told George that we shouldn’t go to the gynecologist yet. We should wait for everyone and give her a surprise,” she said.
“My mum asked the doctor if there was anything there and the doctor said there was a baby. My mum’s jaw dropped and her eyes were red. She was so happy. George and Egan were there too.” 
However, the supposedly exciting news turned into a sad day for all of them as after a second scan, the doctor confirmed that the baby did not have a heartbeat. She said that her mother had to console her after learning the terrible news.
The host was filming a children’s variety program when she started to experience bleeding and cramping. During the harrowing experience, she was also breaking out in cold sweat. She had to wait until her lunch break before going to the toilet and letting the fetus pass out of her body.
Hsieh admitted that she decided to keep mum about her condition as she was concerned that it would affect her filming schedule. She even kept the incident from her assistant.
“When the fetus came out, its shape was obvious. It even got stuck, so I had to pull it out,” the TV personality was quoted as saying.
Hsieh added that she had recorded a video of the fetus before flushing it.
Despite the experience, she remains optimistic and hopeful as it at least affirms that she can still have another baby.
“Don’t pity me. I had a miscarriage, but it symbolizes hope. At this age, knowing that I can still conceive is already a great thing,” Hsieh shared.
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