Facebook Scammer Tries to Milk $5,780 From Man, Gets Epically Trolled Instead

Most people who encounter potential scammers online either ignore the attempt or report it. A select few with time on their hands, however, would rather engage the offending party.
One such person is James Stanley of Gatehead, England, who decided to play along when approached by a not-so-convincing online fraud attempt in the guise of a romantic pursuit.
A Facebook message attempting to extort 4,000 British pounds ($5,780) allegedly sent by a woman from the Philippines named “Lea” set up an unusual string of funny exchanges with Stanley.
Stanley documented Leah’s unsuccessful con using 40 hilarious screenshots of the conversation and even tagged her on the post.
The con artist constructed her messages in broken English and failed to understand some of Stanley’s innuendos.
When asked what he was doing, Stanley responded with, “raping the souls of young children.” He even complimented her by saying: “You seem pleasant enough.”
Stanley dropped hints that he was just playing along by saying that he was recruiting for his “harem” and gave his one of his address as “Sweet Caroline Street, Blow Me A Kiss Road, England.”
Stanley’s post quickly went viral on Facebook with almost 2,000 shares and nearly 4,000 reactions.
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