Man Orders a Kindle Online, FedEx Accidently Sends Him Something Disgusting Instead

It can be upsetting to a customer when they receive something other than what they ordered in the mail. James Potten, 37, of Bristol, England, sure knows what that feels like.

Potten thought the Kindle e-reader he ordered online had arrived in a package dropped off at his specified address. The box that was delivered on Thursday contained a human tumor instead.

According to the Bristol Post, the diagnostic specimen was intended for the Royal Free Hospital in London. Potten attempted to reach customer service at FedEx twice that day to return the tumor. He told BBC:

“It’s human DNA, I would have thought that there would have been a quicker response from FedEx. I am surprised that they haven’t been more concerned about it. They keep telling me I’ve got my Kindle, but I obviously haven’t.”

Apparently, FedEx had mixed up the tracking number on Potten’s Kindle and the package with the tumor, which was marked as “non-infectious human tumour tissue.” The parcel with the Kindle contained the the same first two and last three numbers as that with the tumor.

Potten, who works in environmental consultancy, believes shipping the specimen was an urgent matter. He told BBC:

“Presumably this is a very important package that needs to get to the hospital as soon as possible.”

On Sunday, Potten tweeted that the human tumor was on its way to its original destination. His Kindle arrived the following day and the company which he ordered it from sent the perfect response:

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