James Harden Stopped by Shanghai Police After Allegedly Violating Traffic Rules

NBA Houston Rockets superstar James Harden was recently stopped by the police for allegedly violating traffic rules in Shanghai while on a promotional tour.

The 29-year-old athlete was spotted by many on the streets of Shanghai riding his electric scooter.


However, what really caught peoples’ attention was the part of the video when Harden is pulled over by the cops for a traffic violation. According to South China Morning Post, he was traveling from the Shangri-La Hotel to Cao Yang Road at around 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Twitter posts show Harden, who can be seen on an electric scooter without a helmet, speaking to a traffic police officer. It’s unclear what got Harden into trouble in the first place as conflicting reports suggest he was either riding on the wrong side of the road or that one of his companions was riding pillion, Shanghaiist reported.

It wasn’t exactly clear if the NBA superstar was given a traffic citation or if the officer even knew who Harden was, but reports claimed that the police confiscated his electric scooter.

Harden was in China as part of an Adidas promotional tour, according to the reports. He also met fans at the Beijing University of Technology on Saturday and conducted a basketball clinic with his other fans at the Tianhe Sports Centre in Guangzhou the next day.

After the incident, Harden took to China’s Weibo later that day to issue a public apology to his fans.

NBA Houston Rockets superstar, James Harden, was recently stopped by the police for violating traffic rules in Shanghai while on a promotional tour.

“China, thank you for your hospitality,” the basketball superstar wrote in his Weibo post. “I would like to apologize for violating traffic rules during my scooter ride today. Not a good example obviously but I was just trying to enjoy the city as much as possible. Thank you for your understanding and I’ll make sure to abide by the rules next time here.”

Featured image via Weibo

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