‘Boyfriend of the Year’ Goes Viral For Taking Care of His Girlfriend After Parties

A boyfriend’s gallant deed for his girlfriend following a night of partying is melting hearts online after it recently went viral on social media.

Both college students from California, couple Michelle and James have been dating for almost three years.

According to BuzzFeed, James often showers Michelle with romantic gestures, which he eventually started posting on Twitter. As more and more people noticed the all the nice little things he does for Michelle, he was inspired to share even more of their adorable moments, earning the admiration of netizens.

James’s recent heartwarming display of thoughtfulness toward Michelle may have just made him “boyfriend of the year” material for many. Not only did he take Michelle safely after attending a party together, James also assisted Michelle in brushing her teeth before he tucked her into bed.

He even wiped her face to remove her makeup.

He documented the sweet moment via Snapchat video and shared the images with their social media followers. Many netizens who saw the videos on Twitter expressed admiration to the caring boyfriend.

James told Nextshark that caring for Michelle comes naturally for him. “It was an instinct to tend to her needs as it was hard for her to care for herself,” he said.

He added that he was just giving back to his equally thoughtful girlfriend. “She has my back and I have hers,” he noted.

“She’s brushed my teeth before and so I wanted to return the favor,” James had previously told Buzzfeed. “I thought it was funny because I had never brushed anyone’s teeth before.”

In response to the girls who have expressed admiration for his romantic gestures, he pointed out that patience is the key as, “There is BOUND to be someone willing to brush your teeth while you’re drunk somewhere.”

Michelle, for her part, finds the entire thing both a little embarrassing and hilarious at the same time.

James actions, she says, proves that “chivalry isn’t dead.” The boyfriend, who many have noted to indeed be a keeper, believes in treating “your lady right.”

All images via Twitter / MachoJame_ and duongmichelle_

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