BTS fans torpedo James Corden’s ‘Late Late Show’ Google ratings over a joke

BTS fans torpedo James Corden’s ‘Late Late Show’ Google ratings over a jokeBTS fans torpedo James Corden’s ‘Late Late Show’ Google ratings over a joke
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Uh-oh: Corden, 43, known to ARMY as “Papa Mochi,” joked on his Sept. 21 show about BTS making a speech at the United Nations General Assembly.
  • The world-renowned K-pop group performed at the U.N. General Assembly in addition to making a speech about the effects of COVID-19 on young people. 
  • While Corden is known for being a fan of BTS, he called their appearance at the event “unusual,” saying the UN General Assembly “started with some unusual visitors, BTS.” 
  • The offense didn’t stop there. Corden kept going with his monologue, calling the BTS ARMY one of the “largest armies on planet Earth. Historic moment, it actually marks the first time 15 year-old girls everywhere found themselves wishing that they were Secretary General Antonio Guterres.” The speech was met with laughter from the studio audience.
  • Many ARMY members took offense to Corden calling the fans of BTS “15 year-old girls,” as not every fan of BTS are young girls, and people tend to diminish accomplishments from artists with large teenage-girl followings
  • In order to express their disappointment, fans flooded “The Late Late Show” Google ratings with one-star reviews. 
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“Fake Love”: While the show removed the offending clip from their social media, fans have tanked the show’s Google ratings from 4.2 stars to 1.2 stars, Cosmopolitan reported. 
  • In the reviews, ARMY members are writing that they felt betrayed by Corden’s comments. One wrote, “I had been a big fan of the Late Late Show and felt that James Corden actually sincerely supported BTS. After his recent remarks…he has been canceled on my T.V.” 
  • Others are pointing out that it’s not “unusual” for BTS to speak at the U.N.G.A as this is their third appearance. 
  • One viewer wrote about the offense that Corden caused for calling BTS fans “15 year-olds,” writing, “generalizing a fanbase as 15 year old girls does nothing but show Corden’s prejudicial stereotypes ingrained in his beliefs. BTS’ demographic include (sic) a wide age range, but with the largest percentage falling in 20-30 year olds.” 
  • Another viewer wrote about how it doesn’t matter what age they are and that they aren’t a punchline. “Age doesn’t define my judgement, I know what I like and why I like it and I know I deserve a voice. I should be respected and heard. Youth is today, and being 18 doesn’t make my opinion and my vision less than the one from a 54 year old man.” 
  • Fans have also made their anger known on the social media platform Twitter as well. 
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