Jake Zyrus Is Starring in a Badass Japanese Thriller With a K-Pop Star

Jake Zyrus, who first gained international stardom as the Filipino singing sensation Charice Pempengco, is now starring in a Japanese action-thriller film alongside former South Korean girl group Kara member Kang Ji-Young.

In the film called “Yaru Onna” (She’s a Killer), Jake plays the role of Akira, the best friend of Aiko, who is played by Ji-Young.

“I’m her assistant. She’s an assassin and I help her find her next target,” Jake told ABS-CBN in an interview.

Jake, who also sings the movie’s official theme song, noted that the film producers hand-picked him to take the role. He further noted that his voice sounds higher in the film because the movie began filming before he transitioned to become a transgender man.

According to Rappler, Jake came out as a lesbian in 2013, before eventually clarifying that he identifies as male. He had his first shot of testosterone in April 2017.

In the film’s trailer, Jake is introduced as “Charice a.k.a Jake Zyrus.”

“Yaru Onna” is a film about a woman seeking to avenge her parents’ death after witnessing their murder when she was young.

The film, which was premiered at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in July, will be released in Japan on October 27.

Feature Image via (left) Instagram/kkangjji_ and (right) jakezyrusmusic

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