Jaguar Blocks Range Rover, Range Rover Fights Back in the Most Epic Way

Using a luxury car to block someone’s path is never the answer to any dispute.  
That is what the owner of a Jaguar XJ learned after blocking a Range Rover Evoque in China last week. Video of the confrontation that took place on May 23, shows the driver of the SUV paving a path through the Jaguar using brute force.
According to the People’s Daily China, the incident occurred in the city of Xiamen. As the Rover repeatedly bashed the Jaguar, which costs anywhere from $70,000 to over a $100,000, spectators gathered to cheer it on. Those watching the altercation could be heard chanting “smash here!” and “smash harder!”
It appears that the mother of the SUV driver was involved in a financial dispute with the owner of the Jaguar. The owner of the Jaguar, for some reason or another, thought it would be a good idea to block the Rover from leaving its parking spot.
The woman driving the SUV eventually fled the scene after smashing the jaguar six times, but law enforcement caught up with her. Police later confirmed that the dispute was related to a fraud case. An investigation is currently underway.
h/t: Jalopnik
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