Jackson Wang blasts media as anti-China ‘propaganda bullsh*t’ during London concert

Jackson Wang blasts media as anti-China ‘propaganda bullsh*t’ during London concertJackson Wang blasts media as anti-China ‘propaganda bullsh*t’ during London concert
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William Yuk
January 19, 2023
Hong Kong-born singer and rapper Jackson Wang delivered an emotionally charged speech denouncing media as anti-China during the London leg of his Magic Man World Tour.
Several videos of the GOT7 member’s speech on Jan. 12 have been shared by fans on Chinese social media, already racking up thousands of views.
In these clips, Wang, 28, can be heard reintroducing himself as “Jackson Wang from China” near the end of his recent London concert.
He then voices his disdain toward negative reporting of the East Asian nation by overseas media outlets, which he claims are “propaganda bullsh*t” with “a lot of filter.”
“If you travel to China one time, you’ll feel like, ‘Damn, this is a dope place,’” Wang says.
“I don’t know that game they’re trying to play, I don’t f*cking know. … That’s why you guys got to be careful about media stuff,” he later declares.
The Hong Kong artist can also be heard talking about celebrity culture in his speech, expressing that he is “sick” of the practice of “hyping up” popular figures in the media.
He then urges his fans to live their lives by their own personal standards.
“I’m Jackson Wang, I’m Magic Man, but I’m an entertainer… we sing, we dance, we do music, that’s it,” he announces to a chorus of cheers.
Wang stresses that while his fans may “feel empty” on the ride home from his concert, he hopes that his music will give them the “positive energy” to “respect [their] careers and occupations.”
As long as you keep it to yourself, you know what you are doing, you are self-protected, and you know your standard, that is what Team Wang is all about.”
Several Chinese fans took to social media and YouTube to commend Wang’s comments and love for China.
“I love it, how Jackson Wang is unapologetic in showing his patriotism and love for China,” one commenter wrote.
“Proud to be Chinese🇨🇳🇨🇳,” another wrote.
One user wrote, “Salute to Jackson Wang for slamming foreign media in the London concert! Defend China overseas!” while another user declared, “We must protect Jackson Wang, such a patriotic idol!”
Wang has been a vocal supporter of mainland China for several years. 
During interviews with media outlets, he frequently introduces himself as “Jackson Wang from China.”
In addition to declaring himself to be “one of [the] 1.4 billion guardians of the Chinese flag” in response to the 2019 Hong Kong protests, he notably ended his involvement with Adidas in opposition to the company’s concerns regarding materials sourced from China’s Xinjiang region.
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