Jackie Chan returns to Hong Kong action cinema with ‘New Police Story 2’

Jackie Chan returns to Hong Kong action cinema with ‘New Police Story 2’
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Michelle De Pacina
March 15, 2023
Jackie Chan will return to Hong Kong action cinema in “New Police Story 2,” a sequel in the long-running “Police Story” franchise.
On Tuesday, Chan made a public appearance at the Filmart market in Hong Kong along with local actor and singer Nicholas Tse to announce Emperor Motion Pictures’ (EMP) 2023 slate.
Chan will lead and produce EMP’s “New Police Story 2,” while Tse makes his directorial debut. 
The 1985 film “Police Story” is renowned for kickstarting Chan’s career. 
The film, which follows a Hong Kong police detective who is accused of murder after arresting a prolific drug lord, features numerous death-defying stunts. 
The classic film’s success prompted sequels, spinoffs and reboots, including “Police Story 2” in 1988, “Police Story 3: Supercop” in 1992  — while also starred newly minted Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh — and “New Police Story” in 2004 with Tse as Chan’s co-star. 
According to Chan, the original film contains the best action scenes he has ever shot in his acting career.
“I put a lot and a lot of effort in this movie [Police Story] back then, and it was a series loved by global fans,” Chan said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “But most importantly, Nicholas Tse is the director this time. This attracted me to the project.”
The martial artist and acting legend also has upcoming Hollywood projects, including “Rush Hour 4” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem.”
Although “New Police Story 2” does not have a release date yet, it is expected to hit theaters in 2024.
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