‘They do not want to experience any hardship’: Jackie Chan says young actors lack work ethic

Jackie Chan on Young Actors
  • Jackie Chan was recently invited to be the guest of honor at the 40th annual Golden Rooster Awards, a Chinese event honoring the best of the film industry.
  • During a talk show commemorating the event, Chan bemoaned the attitude of some of the younger, up-and-coming actors, saying they “did not want to experience any hardship.”
  • The acting legend also expressed admiration for fellow industry long-haulers who had persevered and overcome challenges over the course of their careers.

In a talk show commemorating the Golden Rooster Awards, Jackie Chan expressed disapproval towards young actors who do not want to work hard to further their career.

The 67-year-old actor made the remarks in a broadcast on Jan. 5. He spoke about the obstacles he overcame in the beginning of his career and the dangerous stunts he executed. Young actors, Chan said, have to put in the work and remain dedicated in order to succeed.

The legendary actor contrasted his career history with the attitudes of young actors today, saying he had been angered by the statements he’d heard.

“They must have action scenes and it must look beautiful but they do not want to experience any hardship,” he said, citing complaints such as, “‘Our actors cannot perspire,’ ‘Our actors cannot do action stunts,’ ‘ Our actors cannot do dangerous activities.’”

Chan remains influential in Hollywood, with Marvel Cinematic Universe director Destin Cretton saying he was directly influenced by Chan’s iconic martial arts films when creating “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.”

Featured Image via CCTV6

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