Jackie Chan reveals he once tried to attack a director with a knife for insulting his mother

Jackie Chan reveals he once tried to attack a director with a knife for insulting his mother
Michelle De Pacina
October 21, 2022
Action star Jackie Chan revealed that he attempted to attack a director with a knife because he insulted his parents.
In an interview with the Chinese talk show “Shidian Talk,” the Hong Kong actor and martial artist spoke about an altercation between him and a director, who he did not name, that had gone too far. 
“I was scolded so much, and he even dragged my ancestors in,” Chan said. “So I took a knife and wanted to go and cut the director. I said that he can scold me as much as he wants, but don’t insult my mother.”
The 68-year-old began his career as a stuntman in the 1980s before he became a superstar in both Chinese cinema and Hollywood. His early days of performing as a stunt double would only earn him 150 yuan (approximately $21 today).
At the time, Chan was working alongside martial arts legend Sammo Hung, who stepped in to stop Chan’s violent outburst. 
 “Sammo grabbed hold of me and said, ‘Are you crazy?’” Chan recalled.
Chan also spoke about the criticism he received throughout his career and how it made him feel.  
“In the past, whenever the newspapers criticized me, I would be unhappy for the day. I would think about it for a day, which became a week, then a year,” Chan said. 
However, the superstar has learned to be thankful for the feedback and take criticism in stride. 
“Don’t take what people say to heart,” he advised. 
In the interview, Chan reflected on his mortality and noted that he is “lucky enough to live this far.” 
“To have lived to this point has not been easy — many people weren’t able to do so,” Chan said. “Bruce Lee can no longer age, and neither can Leslie Cheung.”
The superstar no longer has any long-term plans. He spends his days running and boxing to maintain his health.
“Right now, I’m just living every day, thinking about what to do tomorrow, and what to do next week. Don’t think about it next month,” Chan said. 
Featured Image via Shidian Talk
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