Jay Chou Slammed for Hanging Out With Jackie Chan During Hong Kong Protests

Jay Chou Slammed for Hanging Out With Jackie Chan During Hong Kong Protests
Carl Samson
June 17, 2019
Netizens are criticizing Taiwanese American star Jay Chou for socializing with Jackie Chan right in the middle of
a tense political climate in Hong Kong. Chan, 65, arrived in Taiwan on June 12 to promote “I Am Me,” his first pop album in 16 years.
  In a press conference, the kung fu star, a native of Hong Kong, was asked for his opinion regarding the protests of over one million people in the city against the controversial extradition bill. “I only just found out yesterday that there was a big parade in Hong Kong. I don’t know anything about it,” said Chan.
The following day, Chou posted a photo of himself sipping tea with Chan on Instagram.
“Wishing Big Brother big sales for his new album,” the 40-year-old Mandopop star wrote in the caption.
The post reportedly sparked outrage among some Taiwanese netizens, who argued that Chou should not be associating with Chan in the wake of the protests. According to Taiwan News, the fury comes as Chan happens to be a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) — a legislative advisory body in Beijing majority composed of members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
  The Hong Kong protests, which started on June 9, oppose a government bill that would allow criminal extradition in the autonomous city to mainland China.
On Saturday, Carrie Lam, the city’s chief executive, suspended the passage of the bill, and following another protest — which demanded her resignation — she issued an apology admitting “deficiencies” in the government’s work, which led to “substantial controversies and disputes in society,” CNN
“Jackie Chan is a slave dog to the Communist Party,” one netizen wrote.
Netizens commented on Chou’s post:
“I’m disappointed in you.” “Why are you associating with Jackie Chan?” “Hong Kong is in crisis and you actually took a photo with him? I have been listening to your music for more than 10 years! I’m disappointed.”
“Jay Chou now relies on China to eat. He does not care about being looked down upon by Taiwanese or Hong Kong people. This photo shows loyalty to China.” “Artists who make money in China are unlikely to do anything for Hong Kong or Taiwan. Even if they come from these places, they have to bow their heads if they want to make money there.” Featured Image via Instagram / @jaychou
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