Jackie Chan is Frustrated That Hollywood Never Casts Him in Romantic Roles

Jackie Chan is Frustrated That Hollywood Never Casts Him in Romantic RolesJackie Chan is Frustrated That Hollywood Never Casts Him in Romantic Roles
Within his legendary decades-long acting career in the United States, Jackie Chan has never played a leading man role in a romantic film and this is because Hollywood simply didn’t ask him to do so.
After being featured in hundreds of mostly martial arts-themed movies, the international action superstar from Hong Kong recently admitted that starring in a romance flick is something has always wanted, but somehow never happened.
Chan shared this revelation in a recent episode of Conan after the talk show host asked the actor what type of roles he wished he was offered more of.  
“I’m willing to do anything, everything. Of course, slow motion, the beach, hugging with the girl, kissing. It’s good. But nobody hired me. No director.”
To clarify, Conan asked if he was referring to a role in a romance film.
“Romance, romantic… anything,” Chan replied.
When Conan noted how Chan would fit the role perfectly, the action icon lamented that he would be too old for the role now.
He also shared how he wanted to be recognized for his acting the same way other Hollywood actors are known:
“I want to be a true actor just like Robert Deniro, Dustin Hoffman.”
While the interview was done in a lighthearted (hilarious) tone, the topic does highlight how stereotype casting has affected the roles given to him.
Fortunately, Chan’s hundreds of movies have been a testament not only to his martial arts skills but also to his acting abilities.
Judging by this fan-made montage of his Hong Kong films, Chan can definitely pull off a romance leading man role.
Chan was only recently awarded an Oscar despite being in the film industry for decades.
“After 56 years in the film industry, making more than 200 films, after so many bones, finally,” Chan when he accepted his honorary Oscar award in November last year.
Chan’s upcoming action thriller film “The Foreigner”, which will feature him in a more serious role, is scheduled for release in China on September 30 2017 and in the United States on October 13 2017.
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