Jackie Chan Reveals Why He’s Stayed Away From Hollywood Movies

Jackie Chan Reveals Why He’s Stayed Away From Hollywood Movies
Ryan General
October 27, 2020
Action superstar Jackie Chan has opened up about why he is rarely seen in Hollywood films over the past couple of years.
Prolific actor: Following a stellar career in Hong Kong, Chan became a prominent actor worldwide, eventually starring in many American action movies since the ’80s, ScreenRant reported.
  • In the U.S., some of the actor’s most recognizable roles include Chang Ka Kui in “Police Story” and Lee in “Rush Hour.”
  • Chan, who does most of his own stunts, has become known for his on-set injuries and dedication.
  • Aside from his impressive fighting skills, his innate charisma and humor have turned him into a beloved action hero. 
  • In the past decade, audiences saw him trying out a variety of dramatic roles.
Beyond being an action star: In an interview with Filmelier, Chan explained why he has been appearing in less American-made movies in recent years.
  • Chan says he has been reviewing scripts but none of them included the role that he wants to play.
  • “All these years after the ‘Karate Kid’, I received so many scripts, but the role is [always] a Hong Kong policeman, Chan was quoted as saying. “That’s why it took me seven years to accept a role in another Hollywood film, with ‘The Foreigner.’ I want to make sure that the audience can see these different sides of Jackie Chan. I would like the public to consider me an actor who does action, not just an action star.”
  • “Being innovative is the most difficult,” he said about the typecasting scripts. “The public will be bored. I look forward to more dramatic roles.”
  • He noted, however, that this does not mean he is abandoning action roles for good as he still wants to do action-comedy.
  • Chan has previously confirmed being attached to some sequels for his films, including “Rush Hour 4” and “Shanghai Dawn.”
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