Jackie Chan’s Daughter Gets Police Called on Her For Allegedly Not Answering Mom’s Texts

Jackie Chan’s Daughter Gets Police Called on Her For Allegedly Not Answering Mom’s Texts
Ryan General
March 28, 2019
Former Hong Kong actress Elaine Ng reportedly called the police on her estranged daughter Etta whom she allegedly had with Jackie Chan after being unable to contact her on Wednesday evening.
According to Etta, she was shocked that firefighters came knocking at her doors around 11 p.m., AsiaOne reports.
Etta, the 20-year-old lovechild of the former beauty queen and superstar Jackie Chan, told reporters that they initially asked her if she had heard a commotion.
She then later found out that her mother had alerted the police after she had failed to reply to her text messages.
“I’m so embarrassed,” Etta was quoted as saying. “To trouble the police and firemen over such a small matter, not to mention disturbing the neighbors’ landlord, I’m really sorry.”
Etta explained that her reason for not communicating with her mom for two weeks was because she needed personal space.
She noted, however, that she maintained contact with her mom’s good friends, claiming to have spoken to an “auntie” just a few hours before the authorities were called on her.
When Elaine denied having anything to do with the situation, Etta said, “I think my mother needs to see a doctor.”
Etta then promised to reply to all her mother’s texts to “avoid agitating her.”
Elaine and Etta have frequently made headlines in the past with each of them openly airing their disagreements on both social and traditional media.
Back in 2017, Etta came out as a lesbian and eventually got married to internet personality Andi Autumn. Elaine has reportedly expressed her unwillingness to accept Andi.
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