Jackie Chan is Now the Second Highest-Paid Actor in the World

Jackie Chan is Now the Second Highest-Paid Actor in the World

August 26, 2016
Jackie Chan is named the world’s second highest-paid actor after raking in $61 million this year. 
Forbes recently listed the Hong Kong star on their global list following his stellar year in the Chinese box office. His newest film, “Dragonblade”, starring notable Hollywood names including Adrien Brody and John Cusack, grossed $120 million in China alone. “Dragonblade” has yet to be released in U.S. theaters, but it is believed that Chan earned more than a $10 million cut from it.
The actor and investor also starred in the latest installment of the “Monkey King” franchise and has a number of Chinese films in post-production. Chan, who came in second on the list after Dwayne Johnson, has an estimated net worth of $350 million.
Grady Hendrix, cofounder of the New York Asian Film Festival, said of Chan:
“Jackie Chan is basically the Mickey Mouse of Chinese culture, a celebrity who is so omnipresent that his name has become shorthand.” 
Aside from acting, Chan manages his own branded merchandise and his cinema chain in Beijing. The Jackie Chan Yaolai International Cinema features a 17-screen multiplex and Chan has plans to construct more.
That’s not so surprising given that Chinese cinemas have grown at almost a 33% rate over the past five years. Captivating the Chinese box office is a high priority for filmmakers after witnessing recent successes with movies like “Warcraft.” During its debut weekend, Warcraft flopped in North America, but was a record-breaking success in China.
Since Chinese authorities maintain strict control on what movies appear on the big screen, it doesn’t hurt to rub elbows with the government. According to BBC, only about 34 foreign films are selected a year. Some have implied that Chan’s influential role as a member in the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conferential board has enabled him to get the green-light on films in Beijing.
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