Billionaire Jack Ma Puts on Lipstick and Models Clothes For Singles Day Show

Billionaire Jack Ma Puts on Lipstick and Models Clothes For Singles Day Show
Bryan Ke
November 13, 2018
Alibaba’s co-founder and chairman Jack Ma tried to show off his skills during Singles’ Day in China, including packaging boxes, modeling clothes, putting on lipstick, delivering packages and tying hairy crabs.

In the clip, which was presented by Alibaba as part of its Singles’ Day sale that earned the company $30.8 billion, the 54-year-old business magnate and philanthropist tries to challenge a seasoned veteran in packaging boxes, Shanghaiist reported.
Things, however, did not go smoothly for the entrepreneur. He can be seen struggling to put on the tape to seal the boxes, while the person he is competing with can do the task without any problems.
In the end, Ma only managed to pack six boxes while his opponent finished 15 boxes.
Next, the former Alibaba CEO tries modeling clothes in front of a camera.
For the third round, Ma took a shot at being an online personality that demonstrates cosmetic products.
The Chinese investor continues to push his luck in other endeavors. In the fourth round, he tries to successfully tie up hairy crabs.
Ma struggled as he tried to bind the crabs. Unfortunately, he only managed to finish three crabs compared to the 16 crabs from his opponent.
Ma took on delivery duties for the final round.
Ma is certainly familiar with these types of stunts. He once came out on stage dressed in a bedazzling costume and danced to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.”
Ma also took a shot at being a martial artist and a singer, making his debut alongside Chinese singer Faye Wong.
Images Screenshot via YouTube / Youku
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