Billionaire Jack Ma Says Founding Alibaba Was His ‘Biggest Mistake’ in Life

Alibaba founder and billionaire Jack Ma said he would rather not build a business like Alibaba if given the choice in his next life, claiming that his creation of the e-commerce giant has been his biggest mistake.

His surprising revelation was a response to a question recently asked during a Q&A session on June 21 at the 20th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, reports Shanghaiist. Jack Ma claimed that Alibaba’s success caused him a lot of trouble, leaving him very little time for himself.

“My biggest mistake was I made Alibaba. I never thought that this thing would change my life. I was just trying to do a small business and grow that big, take that much responsibility and got so much trouble. Everyday is like as busy as a president, and I don’t have any power! And then I don’t have my life,” Ma said.

So I said in my next life, if I still can have a next life, I will never do a business like this. I will be my own self, I want to enjoy my life.”

The Alibaba Group, which is currently valued at $190 billion, certainly doesn’t look like a mistake to most people’s perspectives, especially to the 35,000 people it currently employs.

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