J-Pop Idol Group Goes Viral For Creepy AF Dance Moves

J-Pop Idol Group Goes Viral For Creepy AF Dance Moves
Ryan General
September 14, 2017
Keyakizaka46, a popular 20-member idol group from Japan, caught the Internet’s attention when they performed their new dance choreography that many found to be quite creepy.
Performed via their aptly titled single “Eccentric”, the group’s new dance has gone viral for its moves that have been freaking people out online.
Check out the dance moves below:
The lyrics to the song itself conveys a message about the group thriving on being different and “eccentric”.
“I am eccentric and I’m fine with being strange,” a line from the song goes.
“I find it’s actually easier to be misunderstood, people’s stares stop bothering you,” the girls sang as they take off a shoe and wave it up while moving to the beat of the catchy tune.
But not everyone was freaked out by the unique steps as others have praised the girls on how the choreography perfectly captures what the song conveys. Netizens commenting on Koreaboo, expressed that the performance was actually well done. 
Created on August 21, 2015, Keyakizaka46 is the first sister group of Nogizaka46, another popular J-pop act.  
But unconventional dance moves aside, the group had in the past attracted international attention and controversy.
Last year, Keyakizaka46 was heavily criticized for wearing outfits resembling Nazi-era German military uniforms, with many calling on their producer and Sony Music to apologize.
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