J. Crew Exec Fires 175 Employees, Celebrates on Instagram Right After

Alejandro Rhett, the Georgetown-educated vice president of J. Crew’s men’s merchandising, went out to party on Wednesday night, got drunk and took pictures of his stylish outfit.

His reason for celebrating?

He just fired a bunch of employees earlier that day and was presumably overjoyed that he still had his job.

The 31-year-old executive was one of of several executives in charge of laying off employees of the struggling company; he dismissed a total of 175 employees in that day alone.

After a hard day’s work of putting people out of a job, Rhett and other J. Crew employees, Vanessa de Jesus and Julie Stamos, went out to celebrate at a local bar in New York City. The employees began taking pictures of their outfits and smiles as they drank champagne.

The trio posted pictures with references to the post-apocalyptic film series “The Hunger Games,” where tribes must fight to the death to survive, using hashtags like #hungergames and #maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavor. They also included #forthewin and #damnitfeelsgoodtobeagangster in another post.

A company insider told the New York Post that the postings were in “poor judgement,” adding, “It’s just inappropriate that you’d be out drinking when people on your team had been laid off. J.Crew has serious issues right now, and no one in the office had a smile on their face that day.”

Rhett and de Jesus quickly deleted their photos soon after. A company spokesman said that J. Crew does not condone that type of behavior, explaining that, “As soon as we were made aware, the appropriate actions took place.”

There’s no word if Rhett and his friends will have a job come Monday. Lesson: It’s not smart to shoot someone down and dance on their grave after.

[Update 6/19/15 12:40 p.m. PST] A source close to the situation has told CNBC that Alejandro Rhett has been fired.

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