Ivanka Trump’s Brand is Still Manufacturing Tons of Products in China

Apparently, U.S. President Donald Trump’s two “simple rules” to buy American and hire American, do not apply to his children.

Not only does Eric Trump’s Trump Vineyard continue to hire foreign workers, Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand has been thriving on Chinese-made products.

According to AFP, over 53.5 tons of Ivanka Trump-branded clothes and fashion items in eight shipments were recently found by the U.S. Customs arriving from China.

While Trump’s policies have been pressuring manufacturers to avoid using foreign labor to make products for American consumers, the Ivanka Trump Brand has yet to halt its own imports of goods.

Since Trump’s victory up until the last checked records on February 26, about 82 shipments were made. That’s almost one shipment through U.S. Customs per business day.

Among the deliveries made for the first daughter’s business were about 1,600 leather wallets, over two tons of polyester blouses, and 23 tons of shoes.

According to the report, the goods were manufactured by three U.S. companies operating in China, namely garment producer G-III, Mondani Handbags and Marc Fisher Footwear. The firms hold licenses to manufacture products for the Ivanka Trump fashion line.

Over the past decade, more than 1,200 shipments of Trump-branded products have flowed into the U.S. from China and Hong Kong, according to research conducted by Our Principles PAC.

Sino-U.S. trade relations expert Christopher Balding at Peking University in China was quoted as saying that it was “very hypocritical to make (bringing jobs back to the US) a policy plank and manufacture her products in China”.

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