There’s an Embarrassing Reason Why Ivanka Trump Won’t Be Voting For Her Father

There’s an Embarrassing Reason Why Ivanka Trump Won’t Be Voting For Her Father

April 12, 2016
Donald Trump’s beloved daughter Ivanka has played a huge role in his presidential bid as his most trusted adviser and supporter, visiting polling stations and introducing him at events.
But while she has helped immensely during her father’s campaign, Ivanka won’t be able to do the single most important thing in the actual election: vote.
Apparently, Donald’s most cherished person forgot to update her registration in time to be able to participate in New York’s closed primary, according to the Daily Beast.
To make the situation even more embarrassing, Ivanka has featured herself in a series of videos encouraging people to vote and providing useful information about the process.
The “get out the vote” videos were shown in many states like Iowa, South Carolina, Nevada, and Florida, where she advised voters on how to find their polling locations and directed them to web pages with information voters needed ahead of their elections.
Similarly, she gave instructions on how to vote via a video made for New Yorkers:
“To learn how to vote for my father, Donald Trump, visit All the information you need to know is right there.”
Donald Trump’s website includes the following advisory:
“To vote in the upcoming Presidential Primary, you must be a registered Republican or Democrat. For already registered voters, any change to party enrollment was to have been requested by October 9th, 2015 in order for it to have gone into effect and be applicable for any primary election occurring in 2016 or beyond. The deadline for new voter registrations is March 25th.”
Unfortunately for their presidential aspirant father, both Ivanka and son Eric missed the deadline in New York to change their voting registrations from independent to Republican.
In an interview with Fox News, Donald said of their inability to vote:
“They had a long time to register and they were, you know, unaware of the rules and they didn’t, they didn’t register in time. So they feel very, very guilty, they feel very guilty, but it’s fine. I mean, I understand that.”
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