Ivanka Trump Celebrates Daughter’s Birthday With Asian Food

Ivanka Trump celebrated her daughter Arabella Rose’s sixth birthday the Asian way by serving mallow dogs and noodles. The 35-year-old puzzled netizens when she posted a picture of hotdogs topped-off with marshmallows.

According to SoraNews24, Trump’s original tweet had already been deleted, but that didn’t stop netizens from screen-capturing and sharing the image. Trump’s tweet included a caption that says “keeping it healthy” further confusing netizens who were wondering how this strange combination came to be.

While netizens are questioning if hotdogs combined with marshmallows are “a thing”, Mallow dogs are actually served regularly at parties in the Philippines. Filipinos usually skewer smaller bits of hotdogs with pieces of marshmallows in between instead of sticking marshmallows at the tip of a whole hotdog.

While the mallow dogs featured in the picture are clearly of a different variation, it’s still basically the same treat that Filipino’s enjoy at birthday parties.

Unfortunately, not everyone is too pleased with the 35-year-old’s take on the well-known Filipino snack.

However, mallow dogs were not the only Asian cuisine served at Arabella Rose’s birthday party. Trump also posted a picture of her sharing a noodle with her daughter along with a caption saying “Birthday tradition — noodles for a long life!”

Birthday tradition– noodles for a long life! 🍝

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Eating noodles during birthdays is a tradition common in Chinese culture as the noodles are believed to symbolize long life.

Although It’s unclear if the noodles were either recommended by a Chinese chef or if it was a personal choice. While netizens attempt to solve the noodle situation, a Twitter user claims that he has an explanation for the whole mallow dog conundrum.

Twitter user @carlomer claims that Arabella Rose’s nanny is a Filipina, which explains why her birthday included this unlikely fusion of meat and sweet treat. This just goes to show that this is one birthday party that certainly has its share of Asian inspiration in culinary innovation. 

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