Itzy drops pre-comeback ‘Born to Be’ MV as 4 members

Itzy drops pre-comeback ‘Born to Be’ MV as 4 members
via JYP Entertainment

The dark dance track sets the stage for the K-pop powerhouse's return as a quartet in January

December 18, 2023
Itzy on Monday released the music video for “Born to Be,” the first song in their upcoming second Korean — and third overall — studio album of the same title.
About the MV: “Born to Be,” which runs for three minutes and 10 seconds, sets the stage for Itzy’s highly anticipated Korean comeback in January. The video pairs the electrifying dance track with dark, epic visuals, with a whole cast of backup dancers joining Yeji, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna.
Quartet era: “Born to Be” will be Itzy’s first comeback as a four-member group. As per last month’s announcement of their label, JYP Entertainment, the K-pop powerhouse will exclude member Lia, who is currently on a break after being diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

While Lia will not participate in promoting their comeback — as well as their upcoming world tour — her solo track “Blossom” will still be included in the album. JYP released a lyric video along with the announcement of her hiatus last month.
Reactions: Itzy’s fans, affectionately known as Midzy, are rallying behind the girl group following the release of their latest music video. As of this writing, “Born to Be” has amassed more than 3.9 million views.
“Wow this turned out to be so aggressive and insane, like I can’t wait to see this on their tour,” one commented in all caps.
Another noted, “Itzy’s choreos and dancing remain unmatched. And this badass concept fits them so well. I hope they do more songs and MVs like this in the future (though I’m okay with them switching genres and concepts every other comeback).”
“Itzy won’t disappoint us,” another wrote in all-capital letters. “Trust them.”
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