New ‘Magic Mike’ Parody Will Have a Cast of All Sexy Asian Men

“It’s Asian Men!,” which describes itself as a “Magic Mike” parody with hot as hell Asian men, released a trailer earlier in November and is now running an Indiegogo campaign for the new short film.
The movie is so steamy that the trailer shows one of its stars, actor and stuntman Yoshi Sudarso, dousing himself with a water bottle while he struts his stuff in front of a woman, played by actress and producer Junko Goda.
The clip also features Sudarso’s equally attractive castmates — Bo Haan, Cedric Jonathan and Randel Cuevas — as they urge their half naked friend to ask the woman for more water.
It’s Asian Men!,” written, directed and produced by NaRhee Ahn, follows an Asian-American couple who are in the middle of watching “Magic Mike” to get in the mood when they realize there are no sexy Asian men in sight. The wife then falls asleep and dreams of her husband and an all-Asian version of the “Magic Mike” group enticing her with their dirty dance moves.
Ahn, along with producers Goda and Dorothy Xiao, thought it was important to create a project starring an all-Asian cast after this year’s whitewashing controversies including the casting of Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One in “Doctor Strange” and Scarlett Johansson as Major Motoko Kusanagi in “Ghost in the Shell.”
Instead of just complaining, we decided to add another perspective to the mix,” Ahn said in an email to NBC News. “It’s time we proudly declare how sexy and desirable our Asian American brothers are.”
Asians represented only 3.9% of speaking roles in film, television, and digital series in 2015, according to a 2016 study by the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.
Sudarso, who currently stars as the blue “Power Rangers Dino Thunder” and the aptly named gay comedy “Pretty Dudes,” which also features a diverse cast of characters, spoke about being unfamiliar with getting oiled up and sexualized.
The dancing, the sexuality, and just being the romantic lead isn’t really what I’m used to,” he explained. “I’m used to taking the hit, being the guy who gets beat up. So, it’s nice to do these kinds of projects to push for further diversity and for pushing the agenda to prove that Asian men aren’t just martial artists or nerds.”
Considering how often Asian men have been cast in weird roles, such as the nerd or martial artist, The Frisky notes that it was only a matter of time before someone made a film depicting Asian men as sex icons.
I mustered up all the courage to submit myself to this project because I felt like it was very important to represent Asian men,” Jonathan said of the casting. “To showcase that we are very beautiful, that we can be sexy … and that we have the ability to be leading roles in this industry.”
Check out the “It’s Asian Men” trailer above, and then help make the film come to fruition by visiting its Indiegogo fundraising page.
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