Italian Woman Saves Money for 2 Years to Marry Indonesian Man She Met on Facebook

Italian Woman Saves Money for 2 Years to Marry Indonesian Man She Met on Facebook
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April 24, 2017
In the digital age, more and more people are meeting their significant others online.
That’s what happened to a young Italian woman, identified only as Ilaria, and Dzulfikar, a young Indonesian in Batang regency, Central Java, who are set to tie the knot after the two found love on Facebook.
Ilaria, who saved up enough money over the past two years so she could visit Dzulfikar, received blessings from her parents after telling them about her plans to marry the love of her life in Indonesia.
For two years, I saved money I got from working in a restaurant in Italy just to come to Indonesia,” Ilaria told The Jakarta Post.
The young waitress finally arrived in Batang on April 18, and immediately paid a visit to Dzulfikar’s home in Tragung village, Kandeman district.
However, Ilaria’s arrival did not go as smoothly at first.
She attracted attention from Dzulfikar’s neighbors, who notified the police of her visit.
Batang police deputy chief First Inspector Agus Windarto was accompanied by three officers to check in on the young couple and assess the situation in Batang Village.
We questioned her to determine her purpose in coming to Indonesia,” Agus was quoted by the Jakarta Post as saying.
Dzulfikar explained that he and Ilaria have had a long-distance relationship through social media, and hope to marry soon.
However, not all dating stories have a happy ending.
In 2015, a man from Harbin, China was so enamored by a woman he met through social messaging app WeChat that he spent thousands of dollars to fly to Wenzhou, where she works, to meet her.
But after finding out that she wasn’t as skinny as she appeared in her photos and her face was covered in acne, the two began having a public dispute and he ended up physically assaulting the woman.
The two were taken to the police station and ended up parting ways without charges being filed.
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