Italian Woman Caught on Video Assaulting Woman at McDonald’s in Thailand

Italian Woman Caught on Video Assaulting Woman at McDonald’s in ThailandItalian Woman Caught on Video Assaulting Woman at McDonald’s in Thailand
Thai police have arrested a 29-year-old graphic designer from Italy, Laura Karini Bollini Marchisio Della Predosa, on Sunday morning after a viral video showed her assaulting a woman in a McDonald’s.
According to The Nation, she was nabbed at a condominium in Suan Luang district in Bangkok, Thailand, and was charged with assault.
The incident occurred at a McDonald’s on Khaosan Road on Saturday at 3:00 a.m. In the video, which was submitted by the victim’s friend to the Queentogetherisone Facebook page, the suspect can be seen having an argument with her friends at the counter of the fast-food restaurant.
After “hugging it out,” Predosa then tried to walk out of the restaurant. Upon reaching the door, she suddenly turned and yanked the unidentified victim’s hair, and dragged her down to the floor. Predosa then kicked the victim in the head while she was still lying down.
According to her friend who can be heard in the video, the victim was confused as to what exactly happened, explaining that they both have nothing to do with Predosa’s group.
Predosa, meanwhile, defended herself, saying she was drunk at the time of the incident and that the Thai woman displayed a negative attitude towards her, which infuriated the suspect and eventually led to the assault.
She first entered Thailand on July 17 and was scheduled to leave on September 15. If found guilty, Predosa could face one month of prison time and/or submit a fine of 10,000 Thai baht ($300), according to Coconuts Bangkok.
The victim did not want to take legal action and only wanted Predosa to apologize, according to the Royal Thai Police.
“The victim said she only wanted the suspect to apologize. We instructed the patrol police to bring the CCTV footage of the incident for inspection. In the meantime, the police on duty made the suspect and victim wait while obtaining the footage, but then they disappeared,” the police said in a Facebook statement published on Saturday.
The victim came back to the station with a friend at 4:00 a.m., but the suspect did not return.
“At 5am, the police had the footage proving that the foreign suspect had assaulted the Thai victim, and a report was filed,” police stated, adding that the victim only suffered minor injuries.
Featured Image via Facebook / Queentogetherisone
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